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Aspects 8oz Jewel Window FeederFour hand held hummingbird feeders by Amazing Bird StuffDirections for Hand FeedingOne port cleaning brushesComes packaged in a cute printed cello bag ready for gifting

TWO GREAT PRODUCTS IN ONE PACKAGE DEAL! ASPECTS 8OZ JEWEL WINDOW FEEDER & 4 MEDIUM HAND HELD HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS BY AMAZING BIRD STUFF Enjoy watching the hummingbirds from inside your home and hand feeding them through the window. The Aspects feeder holds 8 ozs of nectar. It is easy to clean & refill by lifting it from the holder. It is bee proof and has a built in ant moat. Four medium hand held hummingbird feeders by Amazing Bird Stuff. Measurements are 1.5 inches across and 1 inch tall. Instructions for hand feeding outdoors is also included and one port cleaning brush. If you want to hand feed from inside simply remove the Aspects feeder from the holder, open the window and stick out your hand holding a hand held feeder. They will come right to it!

1 Aspects 8oz Jewel Window Feeder & 4 Hand Held Hummingbird Feeders PYUKOXYJH

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