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100% Pure Kona CoffeeEach bag of our 100% Nicky Beans Kona Coffee comes from only the finest and award winning estates on the Big IslandDark Roast1lb. BagWhole Bean

100% Pure Kona Coffee - Dark Roast - 1lb. Bag - Whole Bean100% pure Kona Coffee. If you want experience all the natural flavors and complexity of real Hawaiian Kona Coffee then enjoy our award winning 100% Kona Coffee!100% Kona coffee is regarded worldwide as a classic coffee. Pure Kona beans are grown by hundreds of passionate small farmers, on holdings averaging less than three acres, near the town of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.Pure Kona coffee beans are produced exclusively from trees of a traditional strain of Typica, one of the world's oldest coffee varieties. The 100% pure Kona coffee beans we sell are selectively hand-picked, usually by the farmers themselves, to make great Kona coffees. These premium 100% Kona coffee beans are wet-processed using the traditional ferment-and-wash method. The fundamental Kona coffee cup reflects this attention to detail. Pure Kona beans yield a drink with gentle, lively acidity and high-toned, clean complexity.

100% Kona Coffee Whole Bean Nicky Beans 1 Pound WOIXILVXF

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