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100g, Pin Wei ClassPin Wei Class: The Flagship product of Zhu Ye Qing tea, all picked at Ming Qian(Before Qingming), That is the best time for all green teas, there are about 35,000~40,000 buds per 500g tea, the processings are all handmade, and the tea is all organic and pure nature. Actually, no other Chinese green tea is made by so many buds.Spring tea (Production Date: recently, Not the pick day or print day on the bag)AUTHENTIC brand, TRADITIONAL processing, ORIGIN product place!As we know, Zhuyeqing only grow in Emei mountain, but it also produced by only one company, that is Zhu Ye Qing company. So Wisdom China bring their teas for you now, it is really precious tea, they only pick one bud one leaf or one bud two fresh leaves, then processing carefully. It is a little pricy because of its rare and meticulous processing, But worth it!

Zhuyeqing tea is a Chinese green tea as well as a company trademark. The word Zhuyeqing can be translated into "Bamboo Leaf Green".Grown in Southwestern China's Mount Emei, Zhuyeqing tea is relatively young compared to other famous Chinese tea.It was discovered by Foreign Minister General Chen Yi in 1964. Impressed by its quality, he enquired about it. When told it hadn't had a name, General Chen proceeded to name it Zhuyeqing, because the leaves resemble bamboo shoots.

100g Pin Wei Class Mount Emei Bamboo Leaf Zhu Ye Qing Top Green Tea in China BNIZMDCSY

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