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Solid Metal - Quality Heavy Metal Rock Weighs 200 gramSolid Shining Metal Rock Features The Words Youve Been My Rock For 11 Years11th Anniversary Ornament Gift Idea For The Men Or Women Who Have Been Your RockPackaged in Wood StrawComes with a little slip inside called The Story of Your Rock which explains where the original rock came from

We have recently introduced a series of really unique rock gifts into our collection which features a variety of sayings. This rock is targeted at people who are celebrating their 11th anniversary the perfect 11th anniversary ornament for both men and women.. A real rock was selected from a beach in Cornwall UK and cast into solid metal, polished to a shine it features the phrase Youve Been My Rock For 11 Years. A really great idea if you are after a unique 11th anniversary gift idea for this anniversary celebration.

If your searching for something a little different then this item is perfect for your anniversary.

Weight - 180g Size - 65mm x 33mm x 25mm

11th Anniversary Gifts For Men Ornament You've Been My Rock For 11 Years Solid Metal Heavy Rock UBYXXQPYC

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