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Some K cups WILL NOT be compatible with a 2.0 brewer. Most will, but not all.40 Total K Cups. Light and Medium Roasts Only. At least 25 different brands and flavors guaranteed. Some K Cups will be duplicated.You will not receive any flavored or dark roast K cups.Not in original manufactures packaging. Comes in a plain cardboard box.For the coffee lover that doesnt want any artificial flavorings or burned coffee flavor in their cup.

You will receive the following: 2 of Peet’s Brazil Minas, 2 of Sip of Seattle Breakfast Blend, 2 of Kirkland Breakfast, 2 of Donut Shop Regular, 2 of Green Mountain Nantucket, 1 of Green Mountain Breakfast, 1 of Torani Breakfast, 1 of Brown Gold Peruvian, 1 of Caribou’s Caribou Blend, 1 of Caribou’s Daybreak Morning Blend, 1 of Brown Gold Colombian,1 of Tully’s Hawaiian Blend, 1 of Green Mountain Kenya, 1 of Green Mountain Colombian, 1 of Guy Diner Blend, 1 of Martinson House Blend, 1 of Martinson Breakfast Blend, 1 of Marley Mystic Morning blend, 1 of Cake Boss Buddy Blend, 1 of Authentic Original Regular Roast, 1 of Barnies Barnies Blend, 1 of Wolfgang Breakfast, 1 of Wolfgang Rodeo Drive, 1 of Brown Gold Costa Rican, 1 of Donut house Coffee, 1 of Martinson Donut Shop, 1 of Tully House Blend, 1 of Martinson Kona Blend, 1 of Caza Trail Costal Blend, 1 of Caza Trail Extra Bold, 1 of Torani House Blend, 1 of Brown Gold Kenyan, 1 of Java Factory Wakey Wakey, 1 of Java Factory Smooth Caffinator, 1 of Martinson Jolt of Joe, 1 of Newman’s Special Blend, 1 of Folgers Classic Roast, 1 of Brooklyn Bean Boardwalk Blend, 1 of Brooklyn Bean Bridge Blend

40 Count K Cup Variety Pack Light & Medium Roasts Only No Flavored or Dark Coffee EMDJINVEA

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