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Reclaimed bottles are melted and sliced to form circular glass drops and finished with UV-resistant transparent paint colors to form a yellow to red progressionAccented with large multicolored glass beads and all-natural driftwood topHardy, resilient woven filmanet line suspends the glassDesigned for outdoors, sheltered location is recommended, away from moving objects & very high windsWindchime measures 30 in length ; Expertly handmade in the USA

In the foothills of northern Georgia, our glass artisans have been creating chimes from recycled bottles since 1970. They have since expanded the business to include two of their children, creating a truly artistically-inclined family business! Over the decades, they have mastered the art of wind chime creation so that you may enjoy your chime for many years to come.

The Tropical Sunset Wind Chime consists of reclaimed bottles, sliced and melted down to form circular glass drops, hung in four strands from natural driftwood. Large glass beads in the circle centers accent the drops, while melted bottom portions of the wine bottles anchor each strand. The color progresses from yellow to orange to red, the result of a durable weather-resistant finish on the glass. Resilient woven filament suspends the glass from a natural driftwood top with an overall length of 30. The chime is designed for outdoors, but a sheltered location is recommended, where high winds and moving objects are at a minimum. Please note that each piece of driftwood naturally differs, so the shape and size of the wood will vary.
Made by hand in the USA.

American Made Recycled Glass Bottle Wind Chime on Driftwood Tropical Sunset MTGYLGCCB

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