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LIGHTKIWI LLC: Lightkiwi is one of the best-known companies specialized in cabinet and landscape lighting, delivering a number of innovative and reliable products. Offering an unparalleled choice of quality to implement unique lighting solution.PROFESSIONAL GRADE LIGHTING: We focus on the Quality of Lighting the most. Although products may look similar, the one made by a professional lighting company has optimized beam direction, angle, spreading, and etc. of the lighting. This light fixture will make a great addition to highlighting your steps and enhance the value of your house by shining on steps at your house the right way. This bold and organized landscape lighting fixture can make the most of your property.SUPERIOR SOLID CAST BRASS CONSTRUCTION: Heavy Duty Cast Brass is preferred for most industrial and agricultural applications. It provides excellent corrosion resistance. Brass possesses good strength and is highly durable. Designed to last in the punishing conditions of an outdoor environment.ELEGANT ANTIQUE BRONZE FINISHED: The pre-aged antique brass finish resembles the natural look of bronze, perfect for traditional styles. Be proud to use the high-quality low-voltage outdoor step lighting fixture provided by Lightkiwi.BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Reduce re-installation frequency. Lifespan over 35,000 hours. Low Upkeep requirements, Easy Installation; You wont need an engineering degree to install your outdoor landscape lighting. One of the highest standard step lighting on the market; Preferred by most contractors and electricians. Excellent Performance; Guaranteed to have adhered the most demanding quality control procedures.

  • Heavy Duty Cast Brass Construction for lifetime durability.
  • Aluminum Housing with Integrated LED.
  • Frosted Lens.
  • 3ft Wire Length.
  • Perfect for step lighting applications.

Lightkiwi Y6572 Integrated LED Half Moon Bay Step Light Brass UHGOTMAMR

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